DJ mixes

YULETIDE XMAS MIX (Part 1) for Paris DJs: 60 min running time download here

YULETIDE XMAS MIX (Part 2) at mixcloud: 60 min running time listen here

We have recorded two promotional DJ mixes containing Christmas titles only. All songs featured in the DJ mixes are related to funk and soul and both mixes have a running time of more than 60 minutes. Part 1 has been posted at and within days the mix has been downloaded a few thousand times.

The follow up mix has been uploaded at mixcloud as recommended by DJ Mys35. Except from some titles featured on the compilation Santa’s Funk & Soul Christmas Party, there is no track in mix 2 that has been featured in mix 1.

Mixtapeselecta has extensively reviewed and recommended Volume 1 of the DJ mix stating: “This is another cracking little mix on the previously featured Paris DJs website. This time they host a funk and soul festive mix from DJ Jan Kohlmeyer, a funk DJ outta Germany. God bless him too, while most people have the one cheesy christmas CD that they wheel out every year, this guy has a whole collection of christmas 45s for us to enjoy by the fire with the family. The mix gets going straight away with a bit of Stevie Wonder, and doesn’t stop for the whole 1h03m, with Kohlmeyer slapping that festive funkiness down again and again.” (2011/12/15)

The Christmas a go go! bloggers posted the download link on their seasonal blog adding: “Jan Kohlmeyer made a VERY funky Christmas mix for the Paris DJs blog.” (2011/12/14)


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