Where to buy

You can buy Santa’s Funk & Soul Christmas Party and other great Tramp Records releases at nearly every well equipped record dealer around town and online.

But we strongly recommend ordering the compilation directly from Tramp Records: If you add the reference “Supersanta”, you will get some extra gimmick. And we will get some little commission for having put up this little website for you.

It works like this: You send an email to Tramp Records stating how many CDs or LPs you want to order, where you want them to be delivered to and how you want to pay. After Tobias has confirmed your order (usually within 24h), you can easily pay with paypal or what you have agreed on.

Prices for orders in Germany are 15 Euro for a CD (incl. shipping as “Deutscher Post Brief”) and 16.50 for a LP (incl. shipping as “GLS Paket”). Parcels usually will be shipped within 24h once your order is placed.


Please “like” this lovely little project at facebook and tell your friends about it!



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